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How to Order

Mary's Handmaid ships internationally.
praying mary You can shop online for pre made rosaries and religious gifts!


See instructions below to order special custom made rosary.

How to Order a Holy Custom made Rosary

You can order a rosary by...

(1) Calling
1-877-808-1679 to speak with the rosary maker to help you order. Think about the rosary that you want. Any special colors? A patron saint? Special beads made from flowers from a wedding or funeral? Engraved name, dates, or words on cross? Check out the Rosary Gallery for ideas.

(2) Emailing to request help with ordering a custom rosary.

(3) Filling out your information in the contact form below.

Get a special hand made rosary for
a loved one or yourself. A rosary can be created for any budget. Prices start at $30.00 and up depending on the pieces chosen.

- Beautiful, prayerful, custom made rosaries for you or a loved one.

- Rosaries for
First Communion, Confirmation, Weddings, Anniversaries, Quinceanera, Birthdays or any occasion.

-Memorable rosary beads can be created from left over flowers used in Weddings or Funerals.

-Rosary crosses can be engraved with names and dates.

-Affordable holy rosaries handcrafted with love, faith, and hope.

Contact Information

Please fill out the form and a representative will contact you.

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  I would like to order a custom made rosary.
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What type of medal? Bronze? Sterling Silver? Base Medal? 14kt Gold? Pewter?:
Is the rosary for a special occasion?:
  I have a prayer request.
  I would like to donate rosaries for missions.